Crowds at a flower show.

Flower Shows

We are event traffic management specialists working on some of the most glorious flower shows in the UK.

Ensuring a Smooth Event Experience

At flower shows across the country people come to view and appreciate traditional & innovative garden design ideas, new products, flowers, plants and all things horticultural.

Flower shows often have a large membership with privileged entry and parking arrangements, normally the first two days of the show being open to members only. They tend to be early to arrive, making the most of the cool mornings and long day ahead and make the most of the often extensive catering and hospitality offerings. These shows also tend to close quite late, meaning car parks often don’t empty until 8:30 in the evening.

A sea of pink and green flowers.

The first day of many shows is also often the most popular with everyone keen to see the exhibits at their best and at SEP we assist the visitors and exhibitors in everything from Car Park Management, Ticket Sales and Traffic Management, with customer service being at the forefront of visitor expectations. The last day is also very popular as this is the day the exhibitors sell the displays at reduced prices.

A close-up of a purpe flower.

If you would enjoy this interaction with the public and ensuring that those arriving have the best possible start and end to their day then have a look at the shows coming up in your area… we look forward to seeing you there.

Events in action

Flowers on display at a flower show

Flower Shows

Challenges and Solutions at Flower Shows

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