Tracsis Live Technology

Take Control With TLT

Over recent years SEP have worked with Key Partners within the Tracsis Group to develop and deploy TLT.

The Tracsis Live Technology (TLT) platform, developed specifically for events, utilises the optimum technology in the optimum place at the optimum time.  It provides live monitoring and post event reporting of zone capacities, and approach route, speeds, flow rates and much more.

TLT also monitors the movement of people at site boundaries & within the event site to ensure that access is secure during build & break phases along with live event days. During these phases it is crucial to know who is on site and when, and that all those on site are supposed to be there and are properly qualified to do their role.  This can be used to assist with CDM requirements.

This unique combination allows key decisions to be made with all the necessary information in one place, to give your visitors the very best possible experience.

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