An SEP Marshal manning a gate.

Progression Pathways

We are dedicated to investing in our team members and although you may start as a marshal - there are progression routes to becoming a full time employee.

Develop your knowledge

Working at a variety of events means there is a lot to learn when you first start. From parking cars and manning crossing points, to signage requirements and road closures.

Growing your skill set

Our dedicated Staffing, Training and Development team are here to help you develop during your time with SEP and will help you grow your skill set to be able to cover all roles onsite.

SEP staff working at computers.

Commitment to developing yourself to progress is key to helping your journey through the ranks as well as increases in pay and benefits. Once identified as a prospect for progression the team will begin booking you in to internal and external training courses, qualifications and certificates.

There are so many areas for progression the possibilities are endless.

Progression Structure

In each of the roles below, these are the attributes we look for.

Other roles available

Staffing team

Recruit new team members

Project Management

Manage multiple events and clients


Manage equipment to site and sign production


Perform business critical financial duties


Support our people function

Health and Safety

Monitor H&S internally and at events

Yard & Warehouse

Working at our hubs supporting logistics

Group Roles

Opportunities within Tracsis Group

Working for SEP

What you need to know

An SEP Marshal managing traffic.

Event Vacancies

All future event opportunities.

A group of SEP Marshals at Creamfields.


Find answers to the questions we get asked the most about working with SEP.

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Health & Safety

Key Health & Safety points when working for SEP.

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Marshal Handbook

Keep up to date with changes in our newsletter.

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Payment Information

Find all you need to know about payment on this page.

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Event Portfolio

We are traffic management specialists working at some of the top events in the UK.