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Payment Information

Find all you need to know about payment on this page.

Working at our Events

You need to prove that you have the right to work in the UK before you are able to work at one of our events and subsequently receive payment.

Help and information

For all questions regarding the number of hours you have been paid for please email

If you have any questions regarding deductions on your payslip or your hourly rate please email

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Payment Schedule 2023



Start of periodEnd of periodPayment clearsDay
28 Dec 202210 Jan 202317 Jan 2023Tuesday
11 Jan 202324 Jan 202331 Jan 2023Tuesday
25 Jan 20237 Feb 202314 Feb 2023Tuesday
8 Feb 202321 Feb 202328 Feb 2023Tuesday
22 Feb 20237 Mar 202314 Mar 2023Tuesday
8 Mar 202321 Mar 202328 Mar 2023Tuesday
22 Mar 20234 Apr 202311 Apr 2023Tuesday
5 Apr 202318 Apr 202325 Apr 2023Tuesday
19 Apr 20232 May 20239 May 2023Tuesday
3 May 202316 May 202323 May 2023Tuesday
17 May 202330 May 20236 Jun 2023Tuesday
31 May 202313 Jun 202320 Jun 2023Tuesday
14 Jun 202327 Jun 20234 Jul 2023Tuesday
28 Jun 202311 Jul 202318 Jul 2023Tuesday
12 Jul 202325 Jul 20231 Aug 2023Tuesday
26 Jul 20238 Aug 202315 Aug 2023Tuesday
9 Aug 202322 Aug 202329 Aug 2023Tuesday
23 Aug 20235 Sept 202312 Sept 2023Tuesday
6 Sept 202319 Sept 202326 Sept 2023Tuesday
20 Sept 20233 Oct 202310 Oct 2023Tuesday
4 Oct 202317 Oct 202324 Oct 2023Tuesday
18 Oct 202331 Oct 20237 Nov 2023Tuesday
1 Nov 202314 Nov 202321 Nov 2023Tuesday
15 Nov 202328 Nov 20235 Dec 2023Tuesday
29 Nov 202312 Dec 202319 Dec 2023Tuesday

Important Notice:

If you are in receipt of a social security benefit it is your responsibility to inform the social security office from which you receive your benefit, about the work that you have done and the income you have received. It is also your responsibility to declare this income as part of your annual tax return.? If you earn over the threshold amount (for the current tax year) in any one week or your tax code indicates that you will have deductions, the relevant amount of tax and NI will be deducted from your gross pay for that week.

Working for SEP

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