Health & Safety Information

KEY Health & Safety points when working for SEP

Please read this in conjunction with the Event Steward Handbook

Download a PDF of this page here Health & Safety Information

Please also download and read a copy of our Health & Safety Back Pocket Guide here  Health & Safety BPG v2 2017

Please observe the following whilst working

  • Take reasonable care of your own health & safety and that of others who may be affected by the job that you are doing.
  • Always co-operate with the SEP Team on all aspects of health & safety matters.
  • Use all work items provided by SEP correctly, in accordance with any instruction provided by SEP.
  • If you have an illness that requires you to take medication please let your supervisor and staffing manager know.
  • Always use your common sense.

The main hazards whilst working for SEP are

Moving Vehicles

  • Make sure that your hi-viz is fastened up at all times.
  • Make yourself as visible as possible to oncoming vehicles.
  • Use clear precise hand signals.
  • Never stand in front of oncoming vehicles and especially on wet ground. If the driver persists in wanting to get passed you then allow it and inform your supervisor.
  • When escorting a vehicle, remain just in front and to the side of the vehicle (driver’s side). Hold out your arm to indicate to the driver to remain behind you.
  • Keep vigilant and alert throughout the day.
  • The use of mobiles phones is not permitted unless it is an emergency or you need to call your supervisor.

Vehicles that are Stuck

  • Inform your supervisor.
  • DO NOT attempt to move the vehicle on your own.
  • Find out if there is a towing vehicle available.
  • Get everyone apart from the driver out of the vehicle before attempting to help move the vehicle.
  •  If they refuse to get out, then do not push the vehicle.
  • Get help from colleagues.


Please wear appropriate clothing for your shift time, bearing in mind it may be sunny when you start at 4pm but it will be cold when you finish at midnight. You can find ‘What to Wear’ and ‘What to Bring’



Hot Weather Cold Weather Wet Weather
Baseball hat

Sun cream

Water or soft drink


Comfortable and appropriate footwear

Warm clothing

Flask of tea/coffee/soup

Comfortable and appropriate footwear

Waterproof clothing (jacket and


SEP wrap-macs may also be available on


Comfortable waterproof footwear

Slips/Trips and Falls

  • All equipment on site should be regularly checked, adjusted if misplaced or removed if not in use.
  • Return all equipment not in use to the event store or onto SEP vans.
  • If it is SEP equipment it is your responsibility to look after it.
  • It could be a potential hazard to members of the public.
  • No horseplay whilst on duty.
  • Wear correct footwear at all times. See ‘What to Wear’ on the SEP website.
  •  Keep your work area tidy!

Working on an Exit

Give the customer as much information as you can if there are queues.

Sometimes members of the public can get quite frustrated and may take this frustration out on you:-

  • Never retaliate in any way.
  • Do not lose your temper at any time. Be as polite and helpful as you can be.
  • If the customer becomes abusive and you need help, inform your supervisor.

In the event of a fire and/or evacuation go directly to your supervisor, and await further advice.

If you require First Aid – go directly to your supervisor. All SEP vehicles have first aid supplies, however we do not stock

and cannot issue paracetamol. At most events, medics are on site (e.g. St John’s Ambulance).

Please remember to fill out an accident form no matter how small the accident.