SEP staff converse with motorists whilst conducting a survey.


We offer survey data from a wide variety of events across the UK and Ireland.

Staying ahead of the curve

Using a range of survey techniques, the data we collect offers event organisers additional insights into traffic and people movement around events to help decision making.

Tracsis work with a wide range of clients across the private and public sectors around the U.K (and World). Many of our customers have worked with us for over ten years because we not only innovate with new technologies but train our staff to the highest level in the industry.

Two SEP staff wearing high visibility clothing survey traffic.

For all Tracsis Clients our focus is on safety, quality and customer satisfaction. This culture keeps us ahead of our competitors. This is not just our opinion but the reason our clients continue to trust us with their transport data projects. We measure every project we deliver for a range of important tasks for our clients and how well they think we delivered the project overall.

A member of SEP staff uses mapping software on a tablet computer.

Survey data we can collect:

  • Vehicle Flows – Flow counts, junction and intersection surveys with classification by vehicle type.
  • Origin – Destination – Movement data on the origin-destination of Vehicles, Pedestrians and Cyclists.
  • Parking – On and off-street parking demand and capacity surveys that provide a detailed understanding of users.
  • Vehicle Speeds – Long and short-term monitoring of vehicle speeds, journey times and delays. Covering public transport, cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles.
  • Public Transport – Passenger counts, station surveys, revenue surveys, user intercept surveys for rail, metro, subway, tram and bus transport.
  • Cycling and Pedestrian – Short or long term user surveys of pedestrians, cyclists and other non-motorised modes of transport in any environment
  • Passenger Counts – Managing passenger flows in stations and on trains

Surveys are usually held Mon – Thursday, however some over the weekend. Times of surveys can vary from 06.00-19.00 or split shifts of 07.00-9.30, 10.00-12.00 and 16.00-18.00 (6.45 hours). We provide high viz, clipboards etc.

Events in action

Motorists queueing at a survey


Successful traffic survey staffing support

A festival audience watching an artist performing on stage.


We are traffic management specialists working at some of the top festivals in the UK.

A football stadium viewed from the stands.

Football Stadia

We are event traffic management specialists working at some remarkable fixed venues in the UK.

Crowds at a flower show.

Flower Shows

We are event traffic management specialists working on some of the most glorious flower shows in the UK.

Horses Racing past the crowds in the stands.

Horse Racing

We are event traffic management specialists working on some of the most renowned horse racing events in the UK.

Sports cars race around a circuit.


We are event traffic management specialists working on some of the most illustrious motor sport events in the UK.

A flock of sheep on a grassy plain.

Agricultural Shows

We specialise in event traffic management at many agricultural shows in the UK.