SEP 2018 Prize Draw

We had a great year in 2018 which is not possible without the commitment & dedication of all our staff.

Recently all names were entered into a prize draw as a thank you for the hard work during the year.

Drum roll please …….. Well done Troy, we hope you enjoy your driving experience!!

Christmas Office Hours

The SEP team would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Our office opening hours during the festive period are as follows: 

Christmas Eve – 9am – 1pm

Christmas Day & Boxing Day – Closed

27th & 28th December – 10am – 3pm

New Years Eve – 9am – 1pm

New Years Day – Closed. 

Normal office hours of 9am – 5pm resume on Wednesday 2nd January 2019

We look forward to working with you all in 2019!

The SEP Team are ready and waiting!

Ready and waiting to discuss your event needs at The Showman’s Show 2018

Learn what TLT can do for you

Take Control with TLT

Get on track with SEP Events

The Showman’s Show 2018

We are delighted to be attending The Showman’s Show 2018 and will be showcasing TLT to exhibitors and visitors. For more information please click on the following link

   SEP unveils TLT at The Showman’s Show 

You will find us in the Exhibition Hall, Stand 95.  Please pop along and have a chat about how we can help you!

A Fond Farewell

If you ever thought about working with us here at SEP maybe this could sway you? It’s so nice to receive such a positive letter about Kyle’s time with us that we had to share.  Thank you Kyle Garlett for all your hard work and support and we hope to see you again very soon!

“To My SEP Family,

The one constant in life is that life is always changing. And so too must my time here in the U.K., and with you, my wonderful adopted family of Brits. My visa expires in just over a week, and I will be on an airplane back to the States before then.
As someone who makes his living writing words I find it oddly challenging to find just the right words to accurately capture just how much working with you all has meant to me. The enhancement to the English experience that you have afforded me. This adventure, of living overseas, would now feel in retrospect hollow and incomplete if I hadn’t found my way to you three years ago.
You took in this American with the funny accent and insistence that it be called soccer and you gave me a home. You accepted me, and showed me a side of this great and beautiful country and that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.
We stood together against wind and rain, mud past our ankles, and the occassional angry customer. But we always stood together. The people I’ve met, befriended, and grown to love through my time with SEP have that one quality very much in common. A strong backbone that has all of us standing as one.
Gold Cup day at Cheltenham, you’re into hour 13 of your shift, and you are doing your level best to explain to scores of drunk punters how to find their coach back home, and it hardly feels like a glamorous job. And it isn’t. But the person next to you in orange sighs, gives you a look, gives you a nod, a smile, and you get back to the task at hand because you are surrounded by a team that is in this thing with you till the end.
I will of course miss the laughter we’ve shared. The stories of course. So many great stories. The varied backgrounds of people that give SEP such richness in the makeup of its personnel. But most of all I will miss knowing that there is a group of people who were once strangers to me, but are now fully committed to being with me till the end.
I hope to be gone for only a year. I hope to return once my visa is renewable. But until then, if you find yourself in Denver, Colorado, please do look me up. I’d love to hear the latest stories.

Busy Bank Holiday Weekend for SEP

Knutsford is shut! Closing off the town for another successful May Day Parade

We were at Truckfest in Peterborough….

Badminton Horse Trials……



And time for a quick brew after road closures were on in readiness for the Tour de Yorkshire!!



New Signage System for Silverstone






Over the past few months our Silverstone team have been working on a new signage system for the main road to Silverstone Circuit and SEP are really pleased with the final product which helps to direct customers to the right place!

We also have new internal signage ahead of a busy season of racing.
Well done team, great job!

Training the troops

Training is well under way here at Head Office in readiness for the upcoming season.

We strive to deliver the best possible service for our clients and their visitors so today’s training included customer service and conflict management.


SEP Comms Day


This week we have held two Comms Days, North & South, which enables us to keep our staff up to date with new projects, future developments and opportunities available.  A great day for motivating and getting staff involved ready for the forthcoming season.

Many thanks to Towcester Racecourse and York Racecourse for great venues with fabulous views!



New Southern Office for SEP

SEP is pleased to announce the opening of a new southern hub in Newbury this month. 

This recent addition further increases our office bases across our regions which will enable us to better support the needs of our clients.  It will allow us to provide exceptional local coverage to existing and new customers in the south and strengthen current and future projects, whilst doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint by having more resources locally. 
Heading up the new hub will be directors Rob Barrett and Pen Will who have many years’ experience under their belts with SEP.